How to Meditate part 1 (breath)


The most important thing about learning how to meditate is to keep your mind quiet and still. There are many things we can do to slow our mental chatter, such as focusing on our breath.

Try sitting still with your body balanced and comfortable. Breath deeply, slowly and gently. Take full breaths, and do not force yourself to breath too deeply or to wait a period of time between breaths. Breathe in and out through your nose if that is comfortable.

Breathe in to the bottom of your lungs, using a technique commonly referred to as ‘belly-breathing’. When breathing this way, your belly should expand as you breathe in, but your shoulders should stay stationary. This is achieved by using the diaphragm muscle at the bottom of your lungs.

Imagine that if there were a tiny thread dangling down in front of your nose, that your breath is so soft and gentle, it would not even disturb the thread.