About our meditation classes


Our Introductory Meditation course covers relaxation, concentration & stress reduction techniques, how to quiet the mind, open the spiritual heart and connect with the divine qualities within each of us. We discuss main aspects of our inner being and how these can help us make progress towards our true goals. Also we describe how to harmonize your daily activities to get the most benefit from your meditation practice.

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Our Instructors:

Prasannata Runkel has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Vancouver since it was first established in 1976.   A full-time Montessori teacher, Prasannata also finds time to organise many of the Centre’s activities.


Nripatri photo wilfred.jpgNripatri Rupp, originally from the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Winnipeg, has studied meditation with Sri Chinmoy since 1996.  An excellent public speaker, Nripatri’s lighthearted and knowledgeable talks on meditation have entertained and inspired seekers for many years.

Shishir Pauk, freelance writer, has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and giving meditation classes for 25 years throughout Europe as well as New Zealand and the USA.



ashirvad-200px.jpgAshirvad Zaiantchick of Brazil has been teaching meditation over 10 years. His workshops have helped thousands of people to find a deeper meaning in their lives.

Ashirvad has been offering Meditation and Mantra workshops around the globe for the past few years, and they have been attended by thousands of people across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“In this chaotic time, the importance of establishing inner harmony in our lives is enormous, and meditation is one of the oldest and most successful tools”, says Ashirvad. “I have been using those techniques myself, for over 11 years, and I can see the tremendous positive impact it made in my life. Teaching those techniques, I hope other people can feel the same benefits.”

PalashPalash Bosgang has been studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy for the past sixteen years. An avid runner, Palash resides in the Woodstock area in upstate New York where she has been offering meditation classes and workshops for the past twelve years while working as a librarian at Bard College.